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Sydney, NSW,


Bella - Summer Hill

Sensual Artist of Tantric Massage and Sexual Healing

Sensual Tantric Massage, Healing Tantric Bodywork,  

and Sacred Sexuality inspired Intimacy and Pleasure Coaching.

For men, women and couples.

Summer Hill

ph: 0403690456





About Bella

I innately understand sexuality on a deep level, and I have a gift in intuiting and guiding the movement of your energy.  Healing hands … presence … a loving heart … intuition … wisdom,  intelligence and a sound knowledge base are the tools of my trade.   Attending workshops and classes has helped hone my natural gifts but it is my own intuition and personal experiences in sexual energy and the movement of it within my own body which has given me experiential wisdom.

Of course some people are shy or nervous when they come and see a tantric practitioner for the first time, but I have a genuinely down to earth, friendly and caring personality.  You will feel at ease, the moment our eyes meet and you see my warm smile when I open the door.

Tantric massage sessions with me are intimate, nourishing, and empowering – and potentially life changing.


For Men

In a Tantric Massage

My intention is to facilitate an experience which shows you what you are capable of feeling – sexually, sensually, and energetically.   I help create a whole body orgasmic pleasure, and it gives you the keys to recreate the experience in your own life.  It is a deeply relaxing, healing, erotic and nourishing massage, – and highly orgasmic – which can leave you full of energy for days.  This is a sublime and sensual, world class experience.  (I have genuinely been told this, from Sydney to Dubai to London. See my praise section below.) Gifted at intuiting, arousing and spreading your sexual energy around your body, you will experience a state of pleasure and relaxation so profound it could change the way you view sexuality and sexual energy for all time.  It is not an overwhelming experience.  If you simply need a loving, thoughtful, intimate sensual connection, this is the service for you, as I will meet you where you are at, and then take you further than you’ve ever been before.  This session can include prostate massage – just let me know.

1 hour 3001.5 hrs 350      2 hours 400       3 hours 600
Please add $50 to all offerings if you require an outcall to cbd or inner suburbs. 

In my Sexual Healing and Pleasure and Intimacy Sessions

We will begin the session with discussing your needs.  It may involve some education, and a curious, gentle inquiry into what your (perceived) problems are, and how I can help you.  Then the bodywork will begin.  The bodywork could take a number of forms, it could be energetic work, deep tissue work, or sensual full body tantric massage, with a focus on addressing the issue you came to me with.  This type of session is useful for men who want to address intimacy or relationship issues, men who are shy or inexperienced sexually, men who want to learn how to last longer, and men with erectile issues and so on.

Either session may include prostate massage, which is an extremely healing and pleasurable part of the body to be massaged.  The prostate is where men store their unexpressed emotions – this is the main reason why the prostate can cause problems for men.  If you want a prostate massage, let me know, and I will include it in the session, or I will recommend it if I think it is appropriate for your healing.

1.5 hrs 350      2 hours 400   3 SESSIONS 900


For Women

I provide a safe space for you to relax into being the full body sensual, orgasmic energy filled woman you are.  I touch you with great presence, love and respect.  It is truly an honour to go on this odyssey with you.  Whether you come for healing or to gift yourself a pleasurable experience, a tantric massage for women is always healing.

It is  unfortunately quite common for women to have suffered abuse, to have had a history of unloving or unarousing touch,  to feel shut down or numb sexually, or to have never had the experience of full body pleasure that we are capable of.   We are naturally full body orgasmic, when our bodies are approached in the right way.

As women, our greatest power lies in connecting with our heart, our womb, and our yoni.

If a yoni massage is desired and appropriate for you, I’ll do a yoni massage.  Sometimes it’s appropriate in the first session, and sometimes it takes a couple of sessions before you feel ready.  We’ll decide together.  Your boundaries, needs and desires are respected at all times.

A yoni massage is a deeply healing experience.  Usually, this sacred part of our bodies is touched for either sexual reasons, or medical reasons.   While I am touching you with a healing intention, pleasure is a wonderful part of this experience.  Pleasure in itself is deeply healing.

A yoni massage takes place after a relaxing and sensual full body massage.  Particular attention is paid to your non-genital erogenous zones.  A sensual and healing tantric massage for women heals and connects the heart, the belly, the womb, the ovaries and the yoni.

Sessions with women begin with a gentle and open conversation, where I get to find out more about you and how I can best help you.

Since beginning my tantric practice, I have noticed a definite increase in the number of women coming for healing tantric massage.

Sessions for women go for between 2 and 2 and a half hours.   $400


For Couples

Together you can come and learn how to give a tantric massage to each other.  The session will start with some conversation, explanation about the masculine and feminine energies, meditative breathing and intimacy exercises, then two of us at a time will take turns to massage you.  We women will massage the man first, (That’s the tantric way, the idea being that he picks up on our natural abilities in sensual touch, and then seeks to emulate that when it’s his turn.)

This is not a threesome, I am the facilitator of the session not the focus of it.

4 hours  $800

or 2 x 2 hour sessions $800

To discuss or book a session today

Phone Bella

ph: 0403690456



Courses and Qualifications

Access Consciousness, Foundation, Levels One, Two and Three, Body Processes.
Access Bars Facilitator Training 2014
Prioritise Your Pleasure – Online Course for Women 2014
Lomi Lomi Massage 2013
Energetic Orgasm, Yoni and Lingham Massage, Awakening Within Foundation 2011
Sex and Relationships Coaching with Andrew Barnes 2011
Dakini Mentorship Training Sacred Sexual Priestess Training with Triambika from the Ecstatic Awareness Institute 2011
Tantric Massage 2010
Discovering Oneness – London Tantra Weekend with Luba Evans 2010

Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training with Baba Dez and Triambika from the Sedona Temple 2010
Tantric Shamanic Bodywork with Carlos Jalon 2010
Dancing the Divine – The Unleashing, Unfolding the Feminine Flower, The Course (These courses were a major investigation into feminine sexual energy.) 2010
Two day private Tantric Bodywork training with John Hawkens from The Tantric Path, UK. 2010

Quodoushka Level 1 and 2 (Native American Indian Sacred Sexualty Teachings) 2009
Recapitulated Shamanic De-Armouring (a 14 day process where we used our sexual energy and breathing techniques to smash the body’s defensive armouring, freeing our minds and bodies from patterns which limit us, and gaining the ability to let sexual energy move freely through the body.) 2009
Wild Nights – based on the work of David Deida  2009
Sexological Bodywork Home Study Course, New School of Erotic Touch, 2009
Thai Massage Level 1 and 2
Five Rhythms and Contact Improvisation Dancing. Dancing has taught me the most about myself and about moving energy in my body.
Reiki Level 1
Psychic Development
MA Social Ecology
BA Arts/Education


Thank you so much for an amazing time last week.  It was incredible to once again feel your loving touch and melt away into a heavenly world of delicious pleasure. (Australia)

Thank you so much for our session together on Monday.  I found you very warm and caring and really enjoyed the experience.  You’ve given me renewed confidence and the raw material for a different approach to the sensual side of life.  It’s very clear why you have such wonderful testimonials on your website.
Thank you again and best regards  (Sydney)

Believe me when I say that I don’t think there’s anyone who can do what you do, as well as you can!!!! You are a goddess and you have the touch, technique, beauty and presence to captivate and tantalise us mere mortal men!!!   (London)

Thank you so much for taking me on such a beautiful and magical journey and for being my tantric guide.  I feel so alive!   (Sydney)

Hi Bella, thank you for an amazing experience on Friday night.  We both enjoyed it immensely and it was a great start to a wonderful weekend.    Couple (Sydney)

Thank you again for today, it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had.  Complete abandon and a total union of the physical and energetic body in a way I’ve never felt … and all in complete safety.    Woman (Sydney)

Thank you Bella, I can’t tell you what a difference the session made between my boyfriend and I. Woman  (Sydney)

It was a chance I took coming to see you as I wasn’t sure how my partner would take it, but I think it paid off in many ways and we are still seeing the benefits even now, a month later – thank you, Bella, for facilitating this for us!  And thank you for a very special evening and for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.  You are a very special lady and I hope that we can meet again in the not too distant future, even if it’s just for a cup of tea and a chat.    Couple (Sydney)

Dear Bella. We are now back in the “real world”, and both have the most incredible memories of Friday night. Truly a most spiritual encounter.  Thank you for kindness, honour and understanding. You’ve positively changed our futures.  I hope we may meet again.  Couple (Sydney)

Just a note to say a profound thank you for the time we spent together yesterday. It really was a divine experience and reassuring that, what I thought was a chronic condition, can be completely controlled in such a beautiful way. Your understanding was very much appreciated. (Australia)

Thank you.  You gave the most personal and intimate and emotional experience I have ever had. (Australia)

Seeing Bella was an amazing whole body and mind experience. Bella is a proper tantric and you have to experience that to know what I mean. The whole event was full of amazing sensations as well as a real emotional and physical connection. This was so much more enjoyable than the so-called tantric massages that are available elsewhere.  Bella does not supply sexual services. What Bella supplies is much more important, she supplies a really incredible personal connection that left me breathless and a more than a little disorientated. Bella is obviously an expert in her field and I am glad that I was able to meet her whilst she was in London.  (London)

Thank you for yesterday.  It was a beautiful, indeed, potentially life changing experience.  I will never be the same again, and I thank you again.  (Australia)

After our session you asked if I wanted to say anything but I was a little overwhelmed and unable to articulate my feelings at the time. Now, I understand this better.  I have been fortunate enough to experience some success in my professional work, which can be extremely competitive and highly intellectual. However, I have known for some time that this has come with a loss of balance, not only between work and life, but also a loss of my centre. In my profession, one learns to nurture your intellect, tenacity and knowledge. These are of the head and not of the heart.
You have helped to reawaken my heart. This is why your gift to me is profound. I now see that in meeting the demands of my professional success, my heart was being suppressed. This has transformed since meeting you and I am conscious of a deep compassion growing in me again. At the time I described this as love, which I think is a word that also fits.
The compassion is familiar but very distant. When I was younger, I would nurture compassion in part through meditation. Sometimes when I went far into samadhi, my heart would expand beyond me and become part of the universe. This was the stage of my life when I entered my professional career and when I began to unconsciously suppress my heart. This was an emotional period for me and it is only now that I understand why.
This is just one of a flood of insights that i have since gained from opening my heart. Some have led to a deeper understanding of my partner and our relationship. We have since been intimate and I experienced the valley of orgasms that you spoke about. The sensation was similar to what you showed me energetically,  but not the same. For example, the heart was still full, but energy was intensely moving from below, through my heart to one spot on the top of my head. I experienced several orgasms but did not ejaculate at all. We just ended naturally and satisfied.  (Sydney)

Bella, that was so beautiful and loving.  I am tingling all over, and will sleep well!  (Sydney)

Hi Bella, This is just a quick note to thank you again for the absolutely incredible journey that you took me on.  The experience I had was something so unique and I feel extremely priveledged to have not only experienced it, but to have shared it with you.  Your ability to engage and relax me quickly was fantastic, along with your incredibly sensual, sexy and down to earth nature.   You are an extremely warm and giving person with a genuinely loving soul, something rare to find in people these days.  To say your massage was relaxing and pleasureable is an absolute understatement. You managed to play my body like an instrument, deciding how and when to move energy throughout and ensuring that I receieved the best possible experience.  I still cannot comprehend what you accomplished, accept to say that it was the most intense, pleasureable, and relaxing experience I have ever had in my life.  I think you were extremely modest in your comments that a lot of the outcome was my doing. You are obviously an extremely gifted human being, with an ability far beyond most mere mortals!  You have opened my eyes to something that is so powerful and so incredibly enjoyable that I am now going to have to continue this journey of discovery and am eager to learn and experience more.  Thank you for an experience of a lifetime, and I cannot wait to meet you again to experience more and learn from such a beautiful and talented person.   (Australia)

WOW,  What am amazing time I had with you. It was much more than I expected. You are a truly special, caring, sensual, sexy, understanding woman. I felt very much at ease with you, an amazing experience. Thank you.   One session does not seem enough, you have started me on a sensual journey i would like to continue.  Please let me know if your schedule will enable us to meet again soon?  I will treasure our time together and try to build on that as i feel more alive today than i did before we met. The fire in me has been re-ignited. Thank you so much.    (London)

Bella, Bella, Bella. What an experience. Calm, soft, angelic, heavenly. Today you took me to a place I have never been before and what a journey. You made me feel safe and loved. I cannot wait for my next experience and chance to continue my journey to bliss. Forever present and in the now.  (Sydney)

Grazie Bella, Thank you for a most enlightening experience.  Just a few words to describe you:  unique and beautiful, spiritual and worldly wise, obviously from your life experiences.  You have a gossamer like touch when applying your delicate art form  and the spirit of well being you placed me in was simply beyond description.   (Sydney)

I just wanted to write you a line to say thank you for a wonderful passionate, intimate and informative time. You made me feel very relaxed and sensual and it will be a time that I will always remember, I loved holding your naked body so close to me and to feel your breath upon me.  You are a very sweet lady, thank you again.   (London)

Bella you are simply magical.  Rarely have I experienced such warmth, such natural “rightness” in intimacy as I did with you, and never before on a first “date”.  You are a woman with exceptional gifts, and I can’t wait to see you again.  (Australia)

Hi Bella.  I just wanted to say our time together today was simply a delight. You are so caring and nurturing and you are able to connect on a level that I’m sure many people cannot achieve.  It was so spontaneous and loving and I hope you keep in touch so we can meet again next time you return.  I’d love to talk about your experiences and philosophies as you seem to have a wonderful view of the world and attitude to people.   (Australia)

Hugs, kisses, beautiful heart: I have not met anyone quite like you and I am the better for our meeting, thank you. xx   (Australia)

Thank you for a wonderful time . 22 years and having been with more than 2 dozen women I could not experience what I did today. Best of all I feel good and not tarnished or dirty.  (glad to hear that! Bella)

Hi bella.  I felt compelled to tell you something. I don’t know what happened yesterday but today I have a totally different point of view. I feel totally comfortable with the thought of trusting someone enough to allow a relationship to evolve with them. Is this real? Has anyone reported this before?

Since my separation from a long-term partner my self confidence has been at an all time low.  Working with Bella has been a breath of fresh air.  Her caring nature and extensive knowledge has not only given me my confidence back, but changed my whole outlook on life, love and relationships.  Thanks Bella.   (Australia)  PS All true.

Hi Bella,  I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely experience. I feel as if this relaxed smiley feeling could be with me for days.  As I said you’re definitely one of life’s treasures, or certainly the memory of those few hours will be.  I do hope to have the pleasure of your company again in the not too distant future.  (Sydney)

Bella,  Thank you for such a lovely experience.  It was quite unique, for me at least.  You were very kind, considerate and caring. So many questions I could ask you… Take care of yourself and best wishes.   (Australia)

If you are reading this you are extremely fortunate.  You have the opportunity to experience a wonderful, tantalizing, sensuous, seductive time in your precious life.  You won’t be disappointed.  Bella is the embodiment of the feminine who will take you to a blissful place which will leave you wondering why it took you so long to experience this level of peace and sense of fulfillment.  You will feel like a satisfied and complete person after your time with her.   (Australia)

Bella is a Priestess of a sacred rite that is older than Abraham. She has shown me a way to loving kindness. Bella has an intelligent, sensitive and insightful approach to honouring her tradition. She opens connections to intrinsic, subtle energies and the greater Universal Life Force. She has also given me the most sensual, erotic, life enhancing experiences of my life [five decades]. She has taken me to a place beyond mere earthly (mundane by definition) sex.   (Australia)

I believe that you have shown kindness and tenderness to me that is above the call of duty. There was a moment, during our first session that my perception was that we had swapped genders. We made eye contact at that moment, and it was something timeless, and I believe that it changed my brain chemistry. You see, I have been treated for depression (SSRI medication), but since seeing you I have the feeling that the black dog is no longer part of my life. I’ve read your blog (it was my first time in the blogosphere and it was gentle!), and I don’t quite know how to respond. One thought is that, considering the beneficial effects you’ve had on me, you should treat the United Nations, and bring about an era of world peace …  (Australia)

Hi Bella,   I have been thinking of our session a lot – it was lovely.You really have a warm and comforting presence/manner.   (Australia)

Thank you so much for such a relaxing time.  You’ve already taught me so much and I look forward to our next time together.  You’re such an amazing person with the kindest heart, and I hope to learn more from you in the future.  Thanks.  (Australia)

Hi Bella,  I am expressing my feeling about the two sessions I had with you. Your sessions revealed the true mystery of sex and how to explore its nature. Through your vibrancy and openness I came to know all that is good about intimate relationships from celebrating difference to the ecstasy of the energetic sexual connection. These two sessions in which I experienced multiple orgasms was very special and ecstatic!
I have NOT recovered from your session yet, thank God! The wonderful energy and love from your session has continued to grow. I am having a blast and I quietly walk around glowing. Deep & close breathing, initiating intimate body contact with celebration of the eye-contact during intimacy have been three powerful tools you have taught me.
You are very gifted and a lovely teacher (honestly – very sexy and very erotic) Thanks for sharing your “sexual magic” techniques!  I am experiencing the most amazing positive energy and inner peace. Thanks for showing me that there is no limit to how wonderful a relationship can grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I could have never imagined me-a sexual/spiritual being, all in one? So profound,  so right. Connection to my Spirit, sex, energy, love- Wow!  Sex is not just intercourse and now it’s starting to make sense. Sacred sex-an absolute MUST. The fact that I was able to utilize and reap the benefits from your lessons immediately is amazing. Your professional, yet relaxed & friendly approach provided the perfect environment for such a special but complicated subject called Sex.
Bella, you are the absolute Goddess of love and one of the most gifted teachers I have had the luxury to learn from. You are perfect and magical in your facilitation.
I left your company feeling refreshed and inspired about the future.  It’s heartening to know that a beautiful woman this full of life still exist in the world and is willing to teach and share secrets love of with others.
I felt very comfortable at all times. My concern was addressed without me having to ask. I also never felt judged. The two day sessiontaught me, how to reconnect and direct my energy towards a state of perpetual progress, adventure and discovery. I was particularly impressed with how you tooka total stranger made me feel so comfortable in the very first session.. May be the friendly nature of yours is the reason.
I feel a strong shift in my psyche and even my heart seems to be allowing subtle openings which weren’t there before the two day session. My sexual approach has surely changed. Tantric love is a must for every person and is even better when the Tantrica is as lovely & sexy as Bella.  I am not trying to flatter you.
What a waste that I didn’t do  this type of session when I was 18!    (Dubai)

The following review was written by a client for The London Erotic Review,but I’m not sure if they published it.  They said it lacked detail so he had to resubmit it.  Personally, I think the details should be private!
Hi Bella.  Here’s what I wrote:
“As stated in my previous reviews, the London tantra scene is lagging far behind what you can find on the west coast of the USA. It’s rare to find someone who has the right mindset and is able to translate that into a mindblowing physical and mental experience.
Bella is an Australian who is visiting London this summer. The fact that she’s here to travel but also to attend tantra courses says it all. She is serious about improving herself and her service – it’s fascinating to chat to her if you’re looking to learn more about tantra.
She uses her considerable knowledge and skills to be present and bring you into that massage room with her to deliver a most memorable massage experience without being overly into the spiritual side, which can sometimes be a letdown for me. She delivers the tantra promise of being made acutely aware of all senses and parts of your body, of having your arousal levels being slowly built up and being taken to multiple peaks and valleys and surfing that blissful edge before the ending.
She is currently travelling in Europe but will be back in June/July. It’s best to e-mail her til she’s back in the country.
Run to see her, guys!”
Private Area: (The review continues …)
Bella was very prompt in answering my contact with her and gave me good instructions to her place in north London.
Physically, her website gives a thorough description and you’ll find a tall, thin, pretty lady with a sexy Aussie accent exactly as promised. She is generous with her time and once she found I’ve had some tantra experience, we had a great time just sharing our experiences. She is keen to make sure that you get the experience which you want.
She did remind me about the basics of breathing and sound in tantra, which are crucial to heighten your experience before we both removed our clothing and got onto the bed. We made a good connection between ourselves mentally before I got onto my tummy for the first part of the massage.
Like the best tantra practitioners, Bella is able to make your skin tingle. Everywhere. She knows the erogenous spots and also the spots you didn’t realise were erogenous before she touches them! A sheer delight. All the while, little reminders to breathe properly and remain in the present to really savour all those sensations she is creating.
After turning over, the energy levels rose even more. The techniques employed to massage the more obvious erogenous zones were majestic and she’s able to sense your arousal level and bring you back from the edge if you’re too close. Tantra describes the penis as a wand of light and she employed a variety of one-handed, two-handed, swirly, squeezy, pumping techniques, all with perfect pressure, rhythm and speed to make that part of your anatomy the centre of your universe for that time. The ending was everything you could hope for.
She won’t be in London forever and don’t let this opportunity pass to see her while you can. (London)

As a preorgasmic woman of 34, I have tried so many things over the years on my quest to figure out what I was missing out on – therapy, gynocological checks, testosterone cream, viagra, neurolingustic programming (hypnosis), numerous books, a male escort who even offered a money back guarentee.. (I didn’t have to pay) The list seemed endless and not much progress was made which left me feeling defective and a failure. Then I met Bella and in 4 short sessions while she was in Sydney, I made more progress than in the last 10 years. Every session I had a new and different, totally unique energetic experience – I had no idea my body could react that way. Bella shared her extensive experience and knowledge and made me feel completely comfortable. If you are anxious about seeing her, thats a sure sign you probably should make an appointment ASAP as, like me, it probably means you are allowing your head to control your body. Bella  can help you learn to change that! Thank you Bella for walking with me at the beginning of a new and exciting journey.

And last but not least,

You’re an extremely talented woman – but you know that, don’t you?