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Sydney, NSW,

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Hart - Sydney

Hart - Sydney



Come and experience what sexual energy can truly do for you, your partner or for your relationship. 

HART: 04900 33348 or


Melbourne July 20th - 24th 2018

Singapore August 4th - 8th 2018
Dates and availability: Monday to Wednesday in Sydney for incalls and outcalls.
(Note: while based in Sydney, I visit other cities on requests.) 

Welcome, I’m glad we found each other.... 

My name is Tantra Hart and I’m very blessed. You see I truly love what I do....and do what I love. In fact, to tell you the truth, I surrendered to my ‘calling’ some years ago. And the wonderful clients I work with - be they male, female or couples - are all too familiar with this simple fact. 

For the past few years, I’ve been on a colourful journey of self discovery. The path has led me to explore such areas as sacred sexuality, tantra, energetic healing, spirituality and personal transformation. And explore them in ways I never knew existed....and today, in ways I truly LOVE to share. 

I’ve been blessed with the presence and wisdom of many masters around the world. Working, studying and getting to know them during this time, I gained a great deal of experience and knowledge. It’s awakened me to my own personal truth, my power, my healing and my transformation. And I’ve learned that by building the foundations of self-awareness, it creates the bridge of intimacy that has allowed me to move gently from sex to spirituality – and dance between both. 


About Your Session And What You Can Expect.... 

Below you’ll see that I offer sessions for men, women and also couples. 

People seek me out for a variety of reasons. Many are simply curious and seeking something more and the new experiences that go with such a curiosity. Others seek to learn how to get more fulfilment, connection and intimacy in their existing (or future) relationships. 

And for some, it’s all about sexual healing of one form or another - eg help with impotence and premature ejaculation for men; reaching orgasm and sexually opening up even more for women. 

Sometimes men or women will also buy a session as a special gift for their partner – be it for pleasure, or for help with some form of healing, enhanced self expression, etc. 

However you come to me, I welcome you with a warm smile and an equally open heart. 



Like to experience something different? I find many men are extremely curious about tantra and the power of sexual energy as a whole. Come and join me in fully experiencing what sexual energy can truly do for you. (It’s a lot more than what most men tend to believe or have experienced.) 

The Honouring The Masculine session is a combination of tantra, sacred sexuality, energetic healing and personal gained experience. I’d love to take the time to sensually connect with you in presence and with an open heart. And when I do, something special happens. 

Your session starts with me guiding you through a basic breath exercise and sensual touch. Doing this helps you to relax your mind and allow you to come into your body. This is then followed by 30 (or longer depending on the session booked) minutes of honouring the masculine, which is sensual cock worshipping. 

We take it nice and slow for you to practice drawing your sexual energy from your penis to your heart. For so many men (especially in the west), this is a powerful experience that is all too rare and overlooked. And we continue to do this until it's time for you to let go, release and relax. 

There are numerous benefits that can come from the Honouring The Masculine session and ultimately it depends on you and what you’re seeking. For some men, it’s all about experiencing sensual pleasure and release at levels that they may not have known existed. For some, it’s about becoming a better lover. And for others, it’s very much about their own sexual healing. The sessions are extremely effective in helping clients with impotence or premature ejaculation. 

(Please appreciate that while there is a high level of mutual connection, there is no actual sex involved within the Honouring The Maculine sessions.) 


FOR WOMEN (...or for the woman in your life) 

“Honouring The Feminine” – Finding Your Erotic Goddess sessions (1hr $400; 90mins $500) 

Every woman deserves to be able to fully express and enjoy her sexuality. 

Doing so is both a wonderful gift you can give to yourself....and one that you can then also fully share with your partner. 

Yet so many women have a level of fear, shame, guilt or even unnecessary judgement that can come up. Having such feelings can prevent us from fully expressing our sexuality. Sometimes these feelings are short-lived and we move through them. But for some women, they’re there pretty much all the time. And they act as a unnecessary block to not just this aspect of their being.....but often crosses into other areas of their lives. 

The Honouring The Feminine sessions are a beautiful, safe and joyous experience. Throughout, you’ll experience a sense of nurture and acceptance that some women share they’ve never experienced before. 

The sessions will be different for each woman based on where you are at and what you might be seeking or needing. Yet on the whole, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to experience a deep sense of relaxation, intimate pleasure and connection.....along with the healing that may often accompany such an experience. 

Female clients have often expressed how the sessions have allowed them to become more opened sexually...and the transformative effects that has had on their relationship. 

For some women, the Honouring The Feminine sessions are also a special opportunity to fulfil a long-held curiosity and experience what it’s like being close and intimate with another woman. 

FOR COUPLES (Something special for the two of you) 

“Honoring Each Other” sessions - (90min $800; 2 hours $900) 

It’s often been said that while most couples “have sex”, a fewer number have taken the time to learn how to really (and fully) “connect sexually and intimately” with one another. Yet taking the time and space to do so can be transformative to your relationship – no matter how long you’ve been together. 

These sessions offer a unique opportunity and invitation for couples to do just that and take their relationship to a new level in the process. 

You’ll be gently guided to learn how to get more present with each other than perhaps you’ve ever been before. And with this heightened sense of presence and arousal, it opens the door for an even deeper, richer and more powerful an intimate connection. 

Through the power of your breath, each other’s sensual touch and extended eye contact, you’ll come out of your heads and feel all your senses at an even higher level. And with this comes an arousal and a greater sense of awareness to what’s going on in your sexual / sensual connection....and opens the door to a world of new experiences when you’re both in this special place. 

Occasionally stuff can come up during these sessions as we allow ourselves to go ‘deep’. This is perfectly natural and welcome in the safe space that we’ve created. In fact it’s treated as a wonderful gift as it is an additional joyous release. 

From these sessions, you can expect a deeper sense of intimacy, a greater connection with each other, higher clarity and a more open heart and healing the more time you spend here. 

Quick note: While I’m obviously fully present and involved in the session and some couples are excited by the prospect of a third person being a part of their intimacy, there is no actual sex with me within your Honouring Each Other sessions. 


“Dear Hart. Thank you for an experience of deep connection and sensual honouring I cannot describe in words. I feel so centred and full of love. You are so beautiful. x” 

“Thank you for a lovely afternoon. Your warmth and touch were very fulfilling.” 

“WOW, I am still floating. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Truly remarkable.” 

“Thanks for showing me how beautiful holding someone can be. And thank you for having your boundaries. I really appreciate and respect that. It shows great authenticity. xx” 

“Hi Hart, After I left you I just had a real craving to get back to nature, I can’t really explain it. It was like a primal drive. And I felt really invigorated, where after sex I usually just want to sleep (I know typical man!), not hyperactive or pumped, but just buzzing. It was the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate my life and really think about the direction I’ve been travelling and where I want to go and what would make me happy and so forth, deep thinking. One of the outcomes is that I really want to go and do the 10day meditation course Vipassana in Blackheath. 

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again and tell you; how special you have made me feel. I hope our paths cross again sometime. Thank You xx “ 

“You have an amazing touch.

In Case You’re Curious... 

Clients have often expressed an interest in a little more of may background. About my qualifications and about some of the various transformational courses and workshops I’ve done, about my experiences and the people I’ve studied with, etc. 

Here’s a quick snap-shot...  

  • K.A.P Kundalini Awakening Process

  • The Art Of Loving - Shantam Nityama 
  • Om Basics (Orgasm Meditation) – Onetaste 

  • 9 days Rebirth Training – Leonard Orr 

  • Love & Power – Micheal Adamdes 

  • Creating loving relationships – Micheal Adamdes 

  • 27 day Juice Fasting – Tyler Tolman 

  • 9 day Dark Room Retreat – Jasmuheen 

  • 21 day Enlightenment Experience – Michael Adamedes 

  • Polarity Therapy 

  • Masters in NLP and Timeline Therapy 

  • Hypnotherapy 

  • Reiki L1 & L2 

  • The Prophecy and Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini 

  • Nurturing the Feminine 

  • Vipassana 

  • Dancing the Divine, Retreat, Course and Advanced 

  • Nityama – Conscious Relating Workshops 

  • Tantric Nights, Essence of Woman and Spirituality meets Sexuality Retreat 

    with Martina Hughes 

  • Sacred Sexuality – Quodaushka L1, L2 & L3 

  • Recapulated Shaminic De-Armoring and Womb of Power Woman’s Retreat with Kristen Viken 

  • School for Self knowledge over 2yrs 

  • Psych-K  

 Location: Sydney


Melbourne July 20th - 24th 2018

Singapore August 4th - 8th 2018


HART - Reach me on 04900 33348 or
Dates and availability: Monday to Wednesday in Sydney for incalls and outcalls

(As I mentioned earlier, I’m based in Sydney, I visit the other cities on request. Please email for details.)