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Maddy - Darlinghurst

Maddy – LoveTantra -Darlinghurst

Tantric Bodywork | Tantric Tuition | Intimacy Coaching | Healing Dysfunction

Step into tantric realms for relaxation, healing and transformation

Feel more empowered in your pleasure, more free, more integrated

Maddy: 0481-220-598



Perhaps you are curious, intrigued about what Tantra is and what an experience can offer you? Perhaps you’re already on a path of discovery and wish to explore further. Perhaps you have challenges around sexuality and/or intimacy you wish to address.  LoveTantra offers a sanctuary of safety, openness, empathy where you can fully relax and journey in a way that most benefits you. Whether that is:

*  a beautiful, soft, sensual tantric massage that flows your erotic energy, taking you to deeper dimensions of pleasure than you ever thought possible (!)

*  being guided in mindful intimacy where you gain more knowledge and confidence in your lovemaking and relating skills

*  healing blocks (whether conditioning or trauma) that have limited your ability to feel pleasure or to open yourself to intimacy

*  addressing sexual dysfunction, at the physiological and emotional level – from erectile dysfunction, to premature ejaculation, numbness, to painful sex, to anorgasmia.



You will love the tantric massage experience. It is a surrender of mind, to pure immersion into deep presence and awareness of your body’s erotic energy and sensations, all from a place of deep relaxation. It is a journey to be enjoyed, nothing to strive for, the energy will ebb and flow, so pleasure deepens, broadens and is felt in a more full-bodied way. This accounts for how healing and transformative the experience can be – often providing a sense of balance and harmony that lasts for days, in some instances, weeks afterwards. I hold a sacred, honouring space, and am very much tuned to your energy as the session unfolds. I softly guide the journey, encouraging breath and visualisation that helps drop you into your body and into that let-go, stillness-of-mind place. Incense, soft music, a lovely, tranquil setting, warmth … all add to evoking a peaceful, pleasure-filled experience. This can be light, lush, indulgent; it can be healing, restorative, replenishing. It can open you and surprise you as to how much more is felt, and the sense of ‘wholeness’ the massage can provide.

Men: 1hr-$300, 1.5hr-$350, 2hr-$400, 2.5hrs-$475, 3hrs-$550

Women: Allow 2-2.5hrs-$400 

Couples: 2.5hrs-$475, 3hrs-$550

For men, massage of the prostate can be both a highly stimulating as well as a healthy experience, helping keep the reproductive system healthy and functioning well due to the higher volume of blood flow that occurs. More intense orgasms and sensations are experienced, which heightens pleasure as well as provides prostate relief. Improvements in erectile function and sex life can be side-benefits.


[For individuals & Couples]. Do you feel you could do better in the bedroom? And in your relating generally? Has it all become the same: .. routine, uninspired, a chore. Do you desire a better connection - whether with yourself or with an intimate partner. You can take control. We are not taught well at all, in the realms of relating, especially sensual relating. How we feel in our own bodies, in our hearts, how we can express ourselves with a beloved. How we give, how we receive, how we close-up, shut-down, or just allow. We can all be great lovers. Really, learning even a little, can create a lot of change! There is such great potential to transform our erotic and relational skills, so we feel empowered to navigate intimate and sexual relationships successfully. How to create a nourishing, flourishing, honouring, sensual connection. How to feel safe, yet excited. How to honour, dance and delight in the masculine and feminine energies, amidst the juggle of the day-to-day dynamics. Or even – how to enhance an already great connection – how to take it to the next level. The beauty of these sessions is we go at your pace, and the rituals, practices and particularly, the body-work bring a deep experiential component which facilitates your mastery of the fundamentals.

Talking Session/Intro:  1hr-$150.  Talking + Bodywork:  1.5hr-$300, 2hrs-$350

Nb: bodywork can be fully clothed - we discuss what is appropriate/preferred per individual or couple. A series of three sessions is discounted.


[1] PELVIC MUSCLE RELEASE – for ED, PE, Etc – I apply pelvic muscle massage release through specialised massage that releases tissue, ligaments, and muscles that may be weak, slack, tight or twisted in the pelvis. By activating the muscles the nerves fire better, which facilitates arousal through heightened sensitivity. This is targeted, highly therapeutic massage, and applies to men, as well as women (often known as ‘yoni-maping’ or ‘yoni-repatterning’ for women). Significant improvement after a few sessions can be felt. I often combine this very effectively with aspects of tantric massage and if appropriate, de-armouring (see below). It can be very gentle, or more deep-tissue, targeted, depending on what best serves the individual.

[2] EMOTIONAL CLEARING / RELEASE / DE-ARMOURING – Healing somatically, through the body. When confronting limits or blocks around sensuality, our body is the most effective medium through which healing can occur. Emotional energy from old trauma or conditioning can be held in cellular memory, and bodywork combined with guided visualisation, and subtle breath-work (to sometimes more dynamic bodywork) is an effective form of letting go, healing past wounds and coming to wholeness. Sessions can also involve work with consent, boundaries, emotional release, inner-warrior work, grief healing, self-love, energetic and intimate re-patterning bodywork. Feel more connection with your instinctual, erotic and intuitive energy. Softly open to your authentic, integrated self.

Pelvic Muscle Release (PMM):   1hr-$250, 1.5hr-$300, 2hrs $350
Emotional Clearing/De-armouring:  1hr-$150, 1.5hrs $230, 2hrs: $300
Note: PMM you will be unclothed. Emotional clearing/De-armouring fully clothed typically.

Maddy: 0481-220-598


Ten years ago, I transitioned from a corporate career to working with sexuality. A personal journey initiated my exploration, drawing me to trainings that spanned conventional teachings to the more esoteric. Some are listed below (the learning is ongoing). 

Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator

Pelvic-Heart Integration – (Dearmouring) Dr Deborah Anapol

Relationship & Sexuality Coach – Awakening Within Institute

Taoist Tantric Teachings – Mantak Chia (live training and online).

Pelvic Muscle Massage Release – mentor: John Bennati (the Muscle Doctor)

Shantam Nityama – Nitvana Bodywork and Tantric Philosophy Retreats (multiple)

Relational Life Therapy, Level 1 - Terry Real, Relational Life Institute

Esther Perel, Sexologist – Multiple On-line trainings & EP Sessions member

Conscious Sensual Communication workshops – Robert Silber

ISTA retreats: International School of Temple Arts. Level 1, 2, 3.Assistant role.

Quodoshka Teachings – Level 1, 2

B.A Hons, English/Economics