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What's With Yoni Steaming?

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What's With Yoni Steaming?

Bella Tantra

Yoni Steaming, or Vaginal Steaming is an ancient tradition from around the world.  Women have used yoni steaming for thousands of years to treat a number of conditions of the vagina and uterus, and also just for general nourishment of the vagina and reproductive organs.  Women use yoni steams to reduce period pain, to reduce the amount of blood flow each month, to improve fertility, as a treatment for vaginismus and endometriosis, and much more.   Even women who are post menopause have reported passing blood after doing a yoni steam, which shows how it can clean the womb of old blood which hasn't been fully released during our bleeding cycle.  Interesting, don't you think? 

A yoni steam is simple to do at home.  There are many different herbs you can use, just make sure that the herbs you use are organic.  Simply boil the herbs in a saucepan, then cool slightly, so that you won't burn yourself with the hot steam. Place the saucepan of steaming herbs on the floor under a chair that has slats in it.  Undress from the waist down, and wrap yourself up in a blanket, around your waist, and around the chair and saucepan so that the steam won't escape.  Sit there and relax, or journal, or day dream or meditate, for about 20 minutes.


yoni steam chair

This is the kind of chair I'm talking about.... 


If you don't have a suitable chair, it's possible just to put the saucepan on the floor and squat over it, or to sit on the edge of a chair so that your yoni is pretty much over the steaming saucepan.  While wrapped in the blanket, so the steam doesn't escape too far. 

It's good to do the yoni steam just before bed time, so that you can go and lie down afterwards.  The herbal steam will continue to work its magic in your system over night.

Some of the most popular or common herbs to include in a yoni steam are:

sage: Astringent and cleansing.  Removes emotional and energetic blocks. 

Rosemary: Increases circulation to the reproductive organs. Antiseptic and purifying. 

Lavender: Very relaxing for the body and mind. Nourishing to the nervous system and soothing to irritated tissues.  Antiseptic and antispasmodic. 

Oregano:  Used for its antiseptic, stimulating and strengthening qualities.

Chamomile: Relaxing, calms the mind.  Strengthens the interaction of the other herbs used. Anti-inflammatory.  Soothing to the vaginal tissues. 

Rose Petals: Gentle and astringent to the tissues of the vagina.  Relaxing and uplifting.  Increases self love and releases stuck emotions. 

Motherwort:  Tones the reproductive system and increases circulation to the pelvis.  Helps to balance hormones. 

Calendula/Marigold: Cleansing.  Healing for irritated skin or scars.  Activates the Lymph System for cleansing.  

Basil: May help to reduce painful menstruation. 

Other herbs you could try are yarrow, red clover, damiana, dandelion, mugwort and wormwood.  But there are many more, basically I would just google them if i was unsure.  I'm not aware of any that could cause harm, but that could be the case, so do your own research if you are using different herbs.  

Yoni steaming is not recommended to be done while you are menstruating, if you are pregnant, if you are suffering an infection or open sores, or if you have an IUD inserted. 

a happy healthy yoni and reproductive system is the key to feminine balance and radiance. 

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Addressing specific conditions

Here are some suggested formulas that can help you address specific situations, keeping in mind that for more serious conditions, vaginal steams should be part of a larger healing protocol in order to affect lasting change. source:

Long / irregular cycles: Oregano, basil, and mugwort. Helps bring on the blood.

Scanty bleeding: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. During the last week of the cycle.

Painful menstrual cramps: Motherwort, basil, and lavender. During the last week of the cycle.

Enhance fertility: Oregano, motherwort, and rosemary. Steam 3 days starting at the end of menstruation. Repeat the last week of the cycle, but only on an off cycle.

PCOS / Ovarian cysts: Rosemary, motherwort and lavender.

Endometriosis: Oregano, motherwort, yarrow, and rose petals.

Fibroids: Motherwort, basil and calendula. Can be done every 2 weeks, but contraindicated if there is very heavy flooding menses.

Adhesions / blocked fallopian tubes: Oregano, rosemary, and mugwort.

Bladder / vaginal infections: Yarrow, oregano, lavender and calendula. Steam 2 days, wait a few days, if symptoms persist, repeat. If symptoms appear to worsen, discontinue.

Postpartum: Oregano, calendula, motherwort, and basil. Steam 3 days within 9 days of the vaginal birth. Okay if bleeding. Check with your midwife first. Wait at least 6 weeks after a cesarean section birth.

Perineal tear / scars / episiotomy : Calendula, lavender and yarrow. Wait until wounds are closed and stitches have been removed.

Menopause: Rosemary, oregano, and motherwort. Steam several times after the end of cyclical bleeding. Helps empty out the uterus completely before bleeding stops for good.

Menopausal dryness: Lavender, calendula, and chamomile.