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Michael's Week of Extreme Wellness Activities

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Michael's Week of Extreme Wellness Activities

Bella Tantra

Certainly, I've heard of Tantra. I've picked up the book to look at a few sexual positions, and I've had a chuckle at its cheeky references in a comedy movie or two. Yet it was about to become real.

I knocked on tantric therapist's Laviras Intikana's door, and my nervousness was intense.

Before I (and only I throughout the entire session) undressed, for thirty minutes, we chatted about life, government, religion, goals, and energy. She quickly foiled common misconceptions of a Tantric session:

"This is not a sexual service. This is a treatment to facilitate an expansion of consciousness to obtain mind-body-spirit alignment with the universe. This is health on all levels of your being and is highly pleasurable at the same time. The goal is to harness sexual energies and awaken your inner powers. I treat men and women using various tantric healing techniques to deepen intimacy and release blocked energy which opens the door into your highest sexual potential."

After disrobing, we ...  Read more

Written by Michael Jarosky, excerpt reprinted from