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What are the benefits of learning about the principles & origins of Tantra?

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What are the benefits of learning about the principles & origins of Tantra?

Bella Tantra

What are the benefits of learning about the principles & origins of Tantra?

Because it's about integrative holistic living, not just about sex.

We are remembering again that our anatomy & spirit is adaptive and encased within the human body which 'man' has  constantly tried to break down in terms of sexuality. 

We can no longer remain naively influenced by the modern, westernised watered down aspects of Tantra; sex based origins metered out in order to a) exploit authentic teachings around human intimacy and b) gain attention - 'sex sells' therefore it's value has been demonised; relationship with our own bodies derailed and sensory perceptions distorted.

The human body is masterfully designed to heal itself through the attainment of blissful states of pleasure. 

Why do we struggle to sustain intimacy at a time when we are so well informed; access to every sex guru & expert tweeting all the on-line help you could ever ask for?

Because we are still 'doing' too much, and wanting more - trapping ourselves in a cycle that will have us spiralling rather than 'being' open to experience a pilgrimage of expansiveness and growth.

Because this means way too many will have to push through their blocks toward awareness - taking the comfy parameters away often means pain, it's a difficult concept to expect westerners to feel into anything confronting.

Self love is the key to realignment and  adaptation of 'original empowerment skills' which can be re-claimed by learning these innate tantric practices.

Once we are able to revise our beliefs around intimacy & our bodies, we can adapt to all relationships in a healthy way, in sync with life. 

Our focus is on accepting who we are; not competing for love or success. We are in balance with all external and internal elements, which will sustain unity and maintain wellness.

As above,

So below.

This is the tantric way of life.

Next Introduction date; Saturday 12 August 2017

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Love Taryn