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The V-Summit -FEB 22-FEB 29 2016

Bella Tantra

The V-Summit is an online event that some people i know are involved in.  It starts Monday February 22nd and runs until  Monday the 29th 2016.

The V Summit is a convenient way to experience incredible educators, authors, and experts explore the mysteries and intrigue of the Vagina and Vulva. You can see what speakers we have for this event below and you will be able to listen to the talks during the event, or later at your convenience.

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Rex Brangwyn: Building Erotic Intelligence - Podcast

Bella Tantra

This is a conversation between Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics) and Rex Brangwyn.

i thought it was wonderful, so I encourage anyone with an interest in deepening their sexual connection, male or female, to listen to it.  With their partner, if possible.   It speaks of the possibilities that occur when the masculine practices pure presence with the feminine.  This allows her to fully open her sexuality.  This is a very powerful thing, which not all men have yet experienced, so please, listen, and enjoy. 

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