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Jade Eggs


Jade Eggs


Jade Eggs


Genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade.  This is the highest quality jade available.

Yoni eggs are inserted in the vagina, and used for strengthening, toning, and healing the vagina and reproductive organs.  
Each egg comes in a beautiful purple pouch, and with a certificate of authenticity.

SIZE: Medium  4.3 x 3 x 2.5  This is the size most often recommended and most often used by women.

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Genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade.  This is the highest, purest quality jade available.  Medium size.  Sideways drilled hole. 

Nephrite comes from the word 'Nephros' which means 'Kidneys' in Greek. Known as 'The Stone of Heaven', nephrite jade is said to bring healing to blood circulation and skin, kidneys, heart and stomach.

Nephrite jade  is a dense, strong and pure stone.  Nephrite Jade is the traditional crystal of choice as a yoni egg, because jade helps to increase our ‘Chi’ or Life Force Energy. It has healing properties for a woman's vagina and reproductive organs.  Wearing a jade egg helps us to cultivate our feminine sexual energy.  Jade Yoni Eggs have been used internally by women for thousands of years who recognised that a woman's beauty and youthfulness and radiance was connected to the health, balance and strength of her vagina and reproductive organs..  The practice comes from the Royal Courts of Ancient China from a time that was deeply aware of  the importance of inner balance and life force energy cultivation.  Jade is also a stone of prosperity, and is said to draw wealth towards the user.

Yoni eggs are inserted in the vagina, and used for strengthening, toning, and rejuvenating the pelvic floor muscles and interior of the vagina.  Using a yoni egg helps a woman to retain her youthful vitality and sexuality as she matures.  It increases the generation of life force energy within a woman, and it helps her to increase the sensitivity of the vagina, and improve her orgasmic potential.  Wearing a Yoni Egg can be an empowering way for a woman to take responsibility for her own sexual pleasure, health and libido. While inserted, the egg increases blood flow to the pelvic area, and massages specific acupressure points inside the vagina, thereby helping to restore and maintain energetic harmony, health and radiance.  This helps to keep the vagina strong yet supple.    Yoni eggs help a woman to stay connected with her feminine essence, and to relax into the deeper, gentle, relaxed, receptive and nourishing aspects of her feminine nature.  Wearing one increases your radiance from within and helps maintain health and youthfulness because wearing a yoni egg also has beneficial effects on your hormonal system.  You can wear the egg while you do legal exercises to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles , or you can wear the egg inside you whenever you like, and give it a little squeeze here and there.

Benefits of Using a Yoni Egg

Increases vaginal muscle tone, suppleness and strength.

Increases moisture levels.

Increases the flow of life force energy and improves sensitivity of the vagina.

Increased libido and more powerful orgasms.

Awakens your sexual feminine energy and helps a woman stay connected with her Yin energies. 

Balances your hormones and menstrual cycle.

Cares for your vagina, and helps to prevent prolapse and weakness in later years. 

How to Use 

Insert it gently and position it in the same location that you wear a tampon.  You won’t be able to feel it when it’s inserted correctly. 

Women usually thread dental floss through the hole, so that the yoni egg can be removed easily after use.  Not all women find it necessary, as you can remove it by bearing down with your muscles and removing it with your fingers.  Rinse and wash with an anti bacterial soap after use.

You can wear it anytime,  while sleeping, gardening, pottering, relaxing, dancing, dating, even while working. 

You can do pelvic floor strengthening exercises while wearing it, known as Kegal exercises, although these days a more gentle approach can be recommended. Dancing, Belly dancing, stretching, resting or while doing yoga are all great times to wear it.  It’s good to move and rotate your hips and pelvis while you are wearing it.  Squeezing it every now and again will help you feel it and will send its benefits throughout your body.