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Sydney, NSW,

Taryn - North Sydney

taryn -
Transformational Tantra & Intimacy Teacher ~ Bodyworker ~ Relationship Therapist ~ Spiritual & Energy Healer ~ Astrology & Tarot Readings
Phone taryn 0426 116 042

Please note, website updates are happening during 2018.  If my website is still getting dressed, please do call me for a confidential chat and queries on all sessions. 

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Taryn has written a successful memoir, speaking in the media on TV locally and radio + press internationally. 

Based in Sydney Australia, Taryn has been holding deep, integrative sessions and men’s mentoring for nearly 20 years.  She has held women’s sexuality events and couples workshops, more recently creating a Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Sexuality currently on offer at The Awareness Institute Sydney. 

With inspiration drawn from Nityama, part Degree in Communications, Diploma’s in Transformational Coaching & Life Care and Holistic Counselling & Shamanism, Certificate in Kaula Tantra, Certificate in Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing, Taryn practices yoga, outdoor walk meditation ritual clearing daily; paying homage always to our Earth.

“I will guide you toward reclaiming your own unique power; to listen for the whisperings of  your own inner wisdom so that you may experience the essence of conscious relating &  embodiment of sacred sexuality and spiritual awakening.” Whether you’re on a journey of sexual exploration or following a path in search of deeper,  more soulful intimate connection, a tantric coaching or bodywork massage session can  inspire and uplift. A tactile & nourishing approach that infuses mindful touch techniques exclusive to skilled  and dedicated tantrikas, tantric massage gently awakens all of the senses to be engaged in  a magnificent dance of pleasure and serenity. 

Maybe you’re heeding the call for a more transformative experience – a sexual healing or spiritual chakra cleansing session may effectively transform past toxic belief patterning & support expansion + restoration in the following areas of your life;

* Stress *Sexual Dysfunction *Fertility *Intimacy & Relationships  *Pleasure & Sexual Energy

As one of Australia’s most highly regarded integrative & intuitive Tantra practitioners, Taryn  has created a sanctuary where your transformational journey may safely unfold.  

Tantra Bodywork (Massage)

What are the benefits of experiencing tantric ‘somatic’ bodywork?

*surrender * pleasure * sexual healing * leisure * love * nurturing * sublime

Tantric bodywork is an immensely arousing, relaxing, restorative & integrative experience,  and one that I feel privileged to offer as I bear witness to the pleasure and joy that unfolds! 

 Here’s a few reasons people are drawn to this experience.

You feel stuck in a rut & have never felt waves of pleasure

There’s a distinct sense of longing for sexual and/or spiritual expansion

A lack of vitality has created a barrier to intimacy

You feel lonely & crave a soothing connection

You experience feelings of vulnerability block your capacity to embrace closeness

Your self-esteem has been eroded (emotionally and physically – body image can be a huge barrier to overcome for many)

You’re unable to experience orgasm during ‘normal’ sex (& have heard about these body orgasms!)

Your body & soul desires an experience that equates to a more deepening into the heart

You are looking to awaken your senses and dive deeper into feelings of bliss (blocked,  disillusioned or simply ready to explore your sexual peaks)

Quietly you are suffering from sexual dysfunction or illness

Or, maybe you simply wish to surrender and enjoy Tantra Massage as an escape from  stress & doorway to ecstasy!

Tantric Bodywork (massage)

90 minutes        $395

2 hours             $500

(Men & Women)

Tantra & Intimacy Coaching 

For those of you curious about Tantra to discern the authentic; so here are the most  common questions I get asked;

• Do I have to have a partner?

• What is the difference between having a sexual encounter and practicing Tantra?

• How is the art of Tantra beneficial to my overall wellbeing and intimate relationship?

• Do we have to be (or can we be) naked?

• Can we learn more about conscious touch techniques?

• Are we allowed to practice?

• Does it have to be so spiritual?

• Can my session be more sex education and intimacy focussed?




I’m always available to discuss your questions, and clarify that I do indeed offer the  sacred practice of Tantra as a spiritual journey; one that incorporates sensual exploration,  deep mindful breath immersion & visualisation. With your permission, my session opens up with a discussion about what you would like to  bring into your experience.  Introducing your body to more conscious communication and  energy plus touch techniques will be incorporated upon our creation of your learning  agenda.  Tantra is about acknowledging and accessing the masculine and feminine energies  that reside in us all; our goal – to acknowledge, accept and dive in to intimacy as you  become aware of your partner’s touch, presence & heightened ecstasy (sexual energy  activation).  My aim as your teacher is to encourage you to go deeper; to trust yourself in  expanding the transpersonal external world and to embrace your inner most feelings. I will guide you, showing you how to respond to the (sexual) energy that builds up – teaching  you how to master this. By balancing one’s masculine & feminine energy you can enjoy  healthy, more empowering sexual relationships. It’s also imperative to build TRUST and  know what it means to you; what does intimacy mean and how to integrate an authentic  sense of self love that supports you – and your partner. 

• Build sexual stamina

• Increase energy flow

• Learn breath techniques that sustain an awakening of the senses

• Expand your awareness at a deeper intuitive level

• Movement

• Connection

• Polarity

• Pleasure

• Vitality

• Creativity (get out of your head and into your body!)

• Communication

• Touch & Sensory awakening

• Fun!

Note;  given that most of my sessions to date have seen an increase in requests for tantric  massage technique, we can incorporate this upon negotiation and additional sessions. “Know that I will honour where you are in your sexual and intimate journey, therefore tailor  each session accordingly – guiding you to further explore your own spiritual & emotional  capabilities. A session with me is unique and powerful. It is my honour to encourage you  along this path toward experiencing deeper more passionate relationships and I respect  your sexual and emotional capabilities. And yes, I am here to support you in my capacity as facilitator and companion for those who  are single”

Tantra / Intimacy Coaching

Individuals & Couples

2 hours                     $300*

3 x 2hr package        $800*

*Sessions are experiential.

Chakra Balancing & Healing with Energy

*Release Energy Blocks

*Heal Soulmate Relationships

*Experience Past Life Clearings

Energetic Healing is an art & science encompassing the practice of ‘listening to the body’. 

Our bodies comprise of energy – external layers and also internal which correlates to  internal functions of the body; to better understand this we can look at the workings of which  involve our Chakra system – a form of energy composited within wheels along our body.

This form of bodywork is also a way to engage directly within deeper parts of our  unconscious, sometimes hidden messages of the mind can be stored as cellular memory  forming blocks.

• Experience sacred sexual healing

• Let go of shame or guilt (if any)

• Learn your value as an individual in any given relationships

• Gain insight around fears or feelings of inadequacy pertaining to but not limited in a) being  expressive in bed b) struggling with connection in relationships

• Release blocks that may be preventing you from enjoying pleasure

• Discover other deep, ingrained behaviours or unconscious memories that may harbor a  place in your psyche

• Free the body of negative experience by honouring it and letting it go

• Understand what old beliefs may have unconsciously wounded you – and shift them

• TRUST your purpose and empower yourself

On a physical level we can see our wounds, but often when we become vulnerable  we are  affected more deeply. This is when more obscure, difficult to determine underlying issues  are incubated, be it due to trauma, or emotional rejection or of course something more  insidious such as illness as in the case where prostate or ovarian cancers reside. Sexual or intimacy issues can create trauma and block our divine connection hence creating  disease and physical ailments such as but not limited to erectile dysfunction – one that  concerns a great deal of our male population at some point in their lives.

2 Create that healthier intimate relationship you’ve always wished for

• Confront deep intuitive discomfort and release anger/pain/fear/disappointment

• Observe repetitive life patterns and choose to change

• Prepare to meet your true self and open up to deeper love

• Know that your heart is the centre of all things divine

• Give yourself permission to TRUST (yourself or a new partner)

Chakra Balancing / Energy Healing

1 hour                 $150

90 minutes          $200

*This session incorporates somatic bodywork e.g. breath & visualisation plus therapeutic 

discussion. Sessions are conducted clothed, yet comfortable within a therapeutic relaxed 

setting. See my counselling & coaching page for more information about therapy.


Tarot and Astrology

1 hour     $100


My website will provide you with an array of offerings and more about me.

0426 116 042

Please feel free to call me today for a confidential chat about which session will best serve  you.


"Taryn has a very supportive and nurturing presence. By learning to work with the breath, Taryn taught me how to slow down and be present to internal feeling sensations in my body. I learnt to be more aware of where I was holding tension, how to sense into those areas and then experience any ‘stuck’ emotions and feelings, followed by a gentle ‘allowing’ of things to just be. In becoming more quiet and attuning to my body in this way I was left with a greater sense of clarity and feeling more at ease with myself. "  Douglas Channing CHAKRADANCE® - Rhythm for your Soul

"Chakra balancing helped shift many things that were going on at the time, even with my hormones..... following the session I felt more content and at peace with myself. "
Sharon Kelly, Media Specialist (Sydney)

"Well, I knew from having read your website I had made the right choice... tantric bodywork ...intense yet calming, sensual + nurturing & you prepped me well! I was tingling, sensations euphoric & incredibly soothing - amazed to find I can now manage stress & function so much easier!" Liam, CEO (Copenhagen)

Course Attendance & Accreditations
Various Certificates in Marketing, Advertising
Degree in Communications
Media Sales, (TV & Print)
Senior PR Manager Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Healthcare
From 2000
2000-2009 Owner, Balance Communications; Freelance Health & Nutrition PR
2001-2002 Spiritual Sabbatical “Hero’s Journey” Reconnecting with Gaia through Greece, Pompeii, Italy, Portugal (joined the pilgrims at Fatima) Spain & Alhambra Palace
2002 Transformational Life Coaching (Diploma)
– Meditation
– Shamanic journeying & Rituals
– Focussing
– Goal setting & mind mapping
– Vision Quest (Blue Mountains Retreat)
2002 Transpersonal Counselling & Life Care (Diploma)
– Psychodrama
– Gestalt therapy
– Understanding Loss & Grief
– Relationship dynamics
– Body Image Attachments, Addictions & Wholeness
– Nutrition Counselling
– Counselling Children and Adolescents
– Safe practice
– Clinical practice hours
2003 Fernwood Fitness Centres for Women, Health Coach
2003 Tarot training in the cards – mythology, practice and meaning (with Paul Fenton-Smith)
2004 Workshops; Understanding therapeutic practice & healthy boundaries (Psychotherapists Jane Daisly Snow & Margaret Bailitis)
2004 Certificate; Applied Control Theory- Perceptual Control ‘Diet No More’ *In relation to Food; sensate analysis & quantum evaluation of behaviours (with Judy & Jenny McFadden AACTA)
2006 Tantra Teachers Training (with Bhakti Shakti & various Tantra Schools on-line webinars)
2006 Pranayama & Kriya Yoga in practice
2006 Training: Introduction to energy, Spiritual Healing & Chakra balancing (with Annie Evans)
2009 Curves Female Gym, Health Coach
2010 Soul Sessions (Presenters Yasmin Boland Astrologer & Leon Nacson, Hay House Managing Director)
2010 Training; Disciplinarian practice (light BDSM & Roleplay)
2010 Training; Astrology basics with Kellie Surtees – Sydney
2011 Sex & Consciousness Conference – Byron Bay
2012 Tantric Nights – Tantric Blossoming – Sydney
2012 Training; Astrology mapping with Kellie Surtees – Sydney
2013 Training; Energetic Healing (on-going Diploma studies)
2013 Anatomy & Physiology – sexual portals to healing
2013 Meridian; connective energy source points
2013 Presentation: Dr Brene Brown (on Vulnerability) – Melbourne
2013 Conference: AISHM Sexual Health (presenters include Dr Bettina Arndt, Dr Michael Lowry)
2013 Presentation: The Biology of Belief, (presenter cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton) – Sydney
2013 Conference: Uplift Byron Bay (several presentations on positive psychology etc)
2014 Women’s Circle – evening of divine dance & ritual – Sydney Tantra Temple
2015 Training: Talking about Love & Sex when Death is in the Room (Buddhism & Psychotherapy)
2016 Workshop; Karma and Past Lives “Encouraging your memories to surface” with Linda James (Awareness Institute)
2016 Training: ONE DAY of Ascending masters Workshop “DNA 5th Dimensional Frequency +  Unification of the Inner Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine Template / restoring alignment” / “Shamanic Initiation of the Incas stage 1: Harmonising energies and honouring Mother Earth” with Raghida Shaman
2016 Training & Workshops CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE: Arizona USA – 
WORKSHOP: Gregg Brayden ‘Heart Math’  Resilience & Ageing
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Dr Jean Huston / Carolyn Myss / Marianne Williamson
WORKSHOP: Denise Linn (past life patterning, forgiveness and psychic intuition practices)

Presentations + Event Facilitation
1998 Men’s Health Forum (Leveraging Viagra launch of which I was involved with KOLs worldwide. Erectile dysfunction discussions – wrote materials pertaining to prostate, testicular cancer programs for prompting check ups – collaborated with Urologists) – Hosted Adelaide component
2000 Australasian Women’s Menopause Society Round-table (Organised collaboration with Women’s Health specialists & oncologists) – Sydney
2001 Poduction of women’s menopause information tools (Collaboration with sex therapist & author Dr Rosie King) – Sydney
2007 Presentation at school assemblies & clubs on wellness, vision & philanthropy – QLD
2010 Organiser & host of Forums on heart health (Research & collaboration with cardiologists) – NSW
2011 Facilitator Run Club meetings, major marathon evens & community engagement; building relationships & empathy to support uptake of healthy lifestyle & fundraising for research – Sydney
2014 Organiser & Presenter; Women’s Intimacy & Sexuality Workshop – Awareness Institute – Sydney
2014 Organiser & Presenter; Conscious Sexual Healing & Tantra Teachers Training – Awareness Institute – Sydney
2014 Organiser & speaker; Trust – Sex & Self Esteem; Women’s Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy – Adelaide
2014 Organiser & Speaker; Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy – Gold Coast
2015 Organsiser & Speaker; Small Talk on Sex & Intimacy; Women – Sydney
2015 Facilitator; Women’s Tantric Sexuality Workshop – Gold Coast
2015 Facilitator; Women’s Tantric Sexuality Workshop – Sydney
2015 Facilitator; Couples ‘Rekindling Cupid’s Touch’ Micro-retreat Workshop – Sydney
2016 Teacher and creator of World First Accredited Program “Diploma of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality” (interview procedure for placements only, given the core components are psychological and sexual in content for sexuality as healing – not for profit nor gratification purposes)
2017 Teacher of Certificate / Diploma of Tantra * Sacred Intimacy & Healing (revised program due to success: two x yearly intakes – intensives format)

Media appearances & Publications (see media page to access links for viewing and listening to interviews)
2002 Article Written – Publication; Australian Journal of Pharmacy (interviews with Key Pharma Managers)
2014 Book written – Publication; Balboa Press ‘Trust’ (experiential research into sexwork & my clients; data collated over ten years; contains tantric / sex education plus relationship & intimacy insights and advice)
2014 Interview on Channel 7 The Daily Life – About sexwork & sexual healing (launch of my book)
2014 Interview in Mosman Daily – about sexwork, sex & relationships counselling
2014 Interview on American Radio Show ‘Unapologetic Womanhood’ (Let’s talk about Touch as therapy)
2015 Interview OM Times Radio 9 July “The Emergence of a Modern Tantric Goddess in Therapeutic Practice (Singapore; with Dr Martha Tara Lee)
2015  Contributor ‘Tantra & Sexuality Expert’ Holistic Living Magazine Article  ‘Diabetes and Sex – can this affect your love life?’ Sept issue
2016 Interview on Triple J “How does Anxiety affect our Love Lives?” Radio -( live studio interview last ten mins :)

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