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Tantra Massage with Temple Priestess Zyah

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About My Tantric Massage

Tantric massage can expand your awareness of what is possible within the realms of sensuality. A magical journey beyond what most of us know or have been shown within which there is boundless possibility for pleasure. Versed in the loving arts, practiced in worshipping the sensual body, Zyah is well educated, stylish and sophisticated, appealing to those of discernment. Facilitating the movement of your energy allowing you to gain techniques to last longer and have a whole body/ mind blowing experience. Gorgeous and sensual, intelligent and supple. Bring an inquisitive and open mind and let Zyah be your guide to a deeper more fulfilling experience.

Zyah offers Tantric massage and coaching for men, women and couples. Qualified as a sexologist, sexological bodywork masseuse and Tantra educator, Zyah is well versed in the sacred arts.
Offering gentle, loving touch to allow for deep relaxation, peace and the unlocking of your sensual, erotic persona.

In a Tantric massage the whole body is massaged with a focus on consciously connecting your body and mind. Zyah will facilitate the movement of your energy with the result being an energising whole body experience where you may be taken into a blissful, transformative space of pure awareness, leaving you buzzing with divine energy.

Tantric massage can be used to increase your sexual potential by teaching techniques to increase, prolong and expand your capacity for sensual touch. Tantric massage may broaden your understanding of intimacy and sensuality by allowing a whole body and mind connection. Tantric massage is empowering, liberating and transformative.

The sessions create a deeper space for connection and intimacy.
What is shared within the sessions may be used within your own life for greater empowerment and deeper pleasure whether on your own or with another.

Zyah - Sydney Tantric Massage

Massage for Men

Learning the art of Tantra, I believe is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, your partner(s) and the world. By learning this ancient art you allow the space to more fully harness and utilise the true source of your power. When we begin to walk in the world in this way we find a deeper sense of aliveness, of true purpose and meaning and a greater sense of our sovereignty. A full ownership of our empowerment.

Let Zyah teach you this ancient art, as it is my desire to walk in the world of empowered beings. By harnessing and owning our own power, we are better able to recognise, respect and facilitate that of others. My offering for world peace.

With a gentle voice, a belief in your autonomy and hands intended to channel loving energy let Zyah be your guide into this other realm.

1.5 hours $350
2 hours $400
5 sessions 1.5 hours $1600

Massage for Women

The beauty of being massaged by a woman is that there is nothing quite like a woman knowing how a woman likes to be touched. That we can take the time to explore sensuality with no rush or expectation to reach goals or have a preset agenda.

Zyah teaches techniques that you can take into your own life either with yourself or with another that will enhance your pleasure. She can work with you to help over come sexual issues including scar tissue re- sensitisation .
Zyah brings a wealth of varied knowledge to her work and believes that quality touch is something that many women are missing in their lives with many not knowing how to ask for how or what it is they want.
Much of the focus in our culture around sexuality is rather yang and porn driven and as such we have lost touch with the softer more sensual aspects of sexual play to the point where many women no longer even know that it exists, but deep down are aware there must be something else.

Zyah will help you to connect with your erotic blueprint, which is personal to each of us, she will take you through exercises to help you connect more fully with your body and your erotic response and give you a beautiful sensual massage.

2.5 hours $400
3 sessions @ 2.5 hours $1100

Zyah - Sydney Tantric Massage 2

Massage for Couples

Facilitating you in learning the gentle art of deeper intimate connection Zyah offers Tantric massage for couples so that you may each experience this richness within each others company. This allows for you to take the techniques learnt into the realms of your relationship.

We will spend some time talking so that I can better understand you and your relationship. We then spend some time creating the space for deeper connection, showing you some techniques to really drop you into deeper presence with each other. Moving into each of you receiving a sensual, erotic full body massage.

Couples find these session highly liberating. Often conversations around sex and sexuality might be awkward within the privacy of your own relationship. As Zyah is well educated within the realms of sex and relationships she is able to facilitate these conversations, providing information that can be of benefit. In addition you get a lovely erotic massage.

2.5 hours $480
3 sessions @2.5 hours $1300

Tantra Coaching for Individuals and Couples

A healthy sex life quite often filters into having healthy relationships and a healthy vibrant life. There is not much in our culture that promotes, teaches or educates us in how to achieve that.
Zyah offers this teaching to couples and individuals with the hope that this lack in our culture may be able to be addressed and that we all may achieve the glorious relationships that we know somewhere within us are possible. Trained within both Eastern and Western modalities, Zyah brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and lived experience to her work.

Tantra is an ancient practice that can be traced back over 8,000 years, for harmonising the masculine and feminine energies, within ourselves, within relationship and within the world. Through embodying the practices of Tantra , you may find greater empowerment within yourself and the way you move in the world. Your relationship with yourself and others will become more connected as you remove the layers of conditioning that keep us disconnected from our true source of empowerment. There is a reason why the state and the church has separated our sexuality from our spirituality and it is because when we harness these energies we can become stronger, more attuned to our needs and more empowered in attaining them.

Couples find that when they embody the Tantric practices, they come into greater harmony and their relationships become a place of deeper fulfilment, connection and intimacy. Most of us have not been given anywhere near adequate instruction on how to have healthy fulfilling intimate relationships . If we are lucky our parents may have modelled this to us, but for many that is not the case. Our culture does not have an empowering conversation around sex and sexuality, with many of us ending up using sex to avoid intimacy.

Our sexuality has the possibility of being the garden of Eden...with most of us having a limited amount of knowledge and understanding, we often just rip open the garden gates, splash in the first pool and then jump out. There are whole other secret gardens and groves and vistas to explore. Tantra itself means expanding awareness to look beyond what we already know into the vastness of what is possible.

Clothed sessions: 75 mins $270
5 session package @75 mins $1200

Contact Zyah

0478 506 310

(from an unblocked number during business hours)
or email: