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About Yoni Massage

A yoni massage

takes place after a whole body sensual and energetically sexually arousing massage.  After a woman is relaxed, after her breasts and belly have been gently and sensually massaged, she may be ready for the yoni massage.  It’s always your choice and call as to whether or not you want the yoni massage and you would be asked by your tantric practitioner before she or he inserted a finger gently inside, for the yoni to invite further in.

The purpose of a yoni massage is not to arouse, although this can be a welcome side-effect, and in some cases, orgasm is the result.  It is likely to be energetically pleasurable, and for some woman, it is a new experience to have so much gentle attention applied to the yoni, resulting in new and interesting previously undiscovered sensations. You may even experience full body energetic orgasmic bliss.

The purpose of the yoni massage is really to heal.  Women store a lot of their trauma and unexpressed emotional pain in the walls of the vagina.  Over time, this can build up, resulting in loss of sensation, and maybe creating the lack of desire for sex.  The intention of the yoni massage is to gently de-armour the walls of the vagina through holding various points within, allowing it to become more responsive, soft, and receptive to self-pleasure and to love-making.   This process can also facilitate the release of old emotions and the resurfacing of memories, which can be safely moved through the body and released with sound and the expression of emotion.

A yoni massage connects a woman with her pelvic bowl, which is a really centred place to move through the world from.

Otherbenefits of yoni massage

It can:

Help you lubricate and or learn how to ejaculate

Help you become more naturally orgasmic, or learn how to orgasm for the first time

Help you reconnect with your luscious feminine energy, your body, and your sexual life force energy