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Sydney, NSW,

Tantric Healing - Rozelle

Sensual Tantric Massage

with Helena

0425 28 98 72


Tantric massage produces a physical and sensual awakening and invites you on a spiritual journey.
There are many paths up the mountain but this is the most pleasurable.
Relax, breathe, feel, and let your mind be free through sensual massage and tantric practice.



I offer three levels of tantric massage:

Level One: Level one massage is all about discovering the subtle energies within yourself; it is about learning about your own body and bringing awareness. This is done through breath work and touch. I use my hands to move energy though your body raising your vibrational level so that you feel the bliss of vibrating at the same frequency as the earth.  Finishing with sensual arousal that increases the vibration to orgasm.

 90min Cost: $350.

Level Two: Level two is about experiencing your own and and other’s auras. This is done though a different breath work, learning how play with your own aura, then to touch another with your aura first, then moving to physical touch to raise vibrational energy within the other person until they too are vibrating in blissfull energy.

1-1/2 to 2 hours. Cost: $450.

Level Three: For experienced Tantrikas only.

Cost: $450 for the first 2 hours and $100 for every hour after, free play

Other offerings are:

 Tantric Play parties

 Tantric Meditation Retreats

Facilities Include:

Tantric Room with Kali Yantra

 Outdoor Swimming Pool Sessions

To book or discuss your session,

call Helena on 0425 28 98 72 or visit her website,



 Dear Helena, thank you for the incredible journey you took me on. You have awakened something in me and through your warmth and giving soul have started me on a journey of discovery of which I am eternally grateful. You have a wonderfully warm and giving touch. The emotional and physical connections made during that one session have left a lasting impression upon me.  Once again I thank you from my heart and soul.

Namaste Helena,
I just wanted to tell you that while it’s been many months since I’ve had a session with you. My black panther is still growing and my tantric flame getting brighter. I’m holidaying in Germany and thought to try tantra here in berlin. After a session , the instructor said that my teacher from Sydney has trained me well. So thankyou Helena:) Namaste.