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Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Workshop

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Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Workshop

Bella Tantra

Have you ever wanted to study Tantra but don't know where to start? 

Taryn is one of our STM Tantric Practitioners who has formulated an accredited in-depth Tantra training program she facilitates in collaboration with The Awareness Institute in Sydney. 

This year 2016 was a world first for participants to study and be accredited with a Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Sexuality.

It's been so popular that next year it will run again, but more refined including burst intensives - plus with the added bonus of Term 1 Certification (not everyone is cut out to dive so deeply into becoming an embodied practitioner - and that's ok.)

So to get you started, we are running the subject 

'Introduction To Tantra'


Sunday 30 October 2016  at The Awareness Institute, Crows Nest, Sydney.

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Workshop – An Intro

Are you keen to understand more about this increasingly popular practice? Our one day workshop will give you an overview of the origins of Tantra and how it has become linked into the Western view of sex. Sacred Sexuality will be explained and core Tantric practices will be explored within a safe, non-threatening and non-invasive environment. Comfy clothes are recommended for the exercises. Movement is at beginners level.

Please join us...



To book or to find out more, contact Taryn on 0426 116 042 

Sydney Tantra Workshop Taryn Harvey