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Laviras describes Tantric Massage

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Laviras describes Tantric Massage

Bella Tantra


A Tantric Massage is exceptionally sensual and erotic but in a very tasteful manner.

There are many mysteries surrounding Tantric Massages for those that don’t know the detail, and there is also a fair amount of misunderstanding to do with this ancient art. This article is to look at the background, find out where Tantric Massage originated and a description of the technique involved.

I guess the best way to begin is to provide a very brief definition of what a tantric massage is, and then to go in to some detail about its origins and then what your expectations should be when you actually go for your very own tantric massage.

A Tantric Massage is the most amazing sensual massage you can get. It can be carried out on men or woman. Basically, a Tantric massage is an erotic massage, or a sensual massage. It is extremely intimate and sexually arousing. A Tantric Massage involves a tender delicate massage of the entire body, and focuses towards the end of the session with a massage of the lingham (penis).

A Tantric Massage is sheer delight. An erotic massage of the highest standard. It is extremely intimate, and sexually arousing. A Tantric Massage involves a tender delicate massage of the entire body, and focuses towards the end of the session with a massage of the lingam (penis). Conscious deep breathing will be used to create an opening into sacred & sexual expansion.

Definition of a Tantric Massage

During the massage, various intimate body parts are touched, caressed and massaged in a truly sensual manner. This kind of massage as you can imagine is not available from your local health centre or spa.

Tantric massages are provided by professionals, and a massage by a trained therapist is sensational. A proper tantric massage brings together complete relaxation and harmony of both the body and mind.

The therapist (or giver) is often able to help and guide you by making you conscious of your own sensual energy, and help you direct and channel it. It is this sensual energy which is forms a major part of your emotional and physical well-being.

Origins of the Tantric Massage

Tantra by definition is an ancient Eastern spiritual path. It utilizes the Chakra System and the merging of feminine and masculine energies for the awakening of one’s self. The basic comprehension is that sexual energy is sacred, that it is the seed of spiritual energy. The word “Tantra” in the field of Sanskrit means “Expansion” or “Weaving.” It invites us to include everything, to not discard anything. The Tantric pathway is a positive way, and is about being positive about life. The word Tantra applies to religious scriptures called Tantras, and is followed by many people, mostly in the Far East, whilst in the Western countries we are discovering areas within the religion (such as the tantric massage) that are very appealing, and as a result the demand in Tantric Massage is greatly increasing.

What are the energies and what do they have to do with a Tantric Massage?

It is the aspect of energy that makes the Tantric Massage differ from other forms of massage. One of the aims of the Tantric Massage is to awaken the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a very powerful energy that lies dormant at the bottom of the spinal column. When aroused, the Kundalini radiates up the spinal column, which in turn, accelerates the body capacity to restore its self to health. In addition to the benefits of the healing of physical pain, emotional scars that a person may carry throughout life’s troubles can be eased, or even erased completely.

About a Tantric Massage

A Tantric Massage is a very intimate act, and it is important for both the giver and receiver of the massage to have a level of trust and respect towards each other. Although there are no actual rules laid down with a Tantric Massage, there are some things that need to be taken in to account and guidelines that should be followed.

1. The giver of the Tantric Massage should carry out the massage freely with no expectation of anything in return. On the other hand, the receiver of the massage ought to open him/herself toward the effects of the tantric massage without the need of reciprocation.

2. Sensual pleasure does not always equate to sexual pleasure. A session of tantric massage doesn’t wind up in actual sex.

3. There is no limitation as to what part of the body can be touched and the way it is touched during your tantric massage, however, it is wise for the giver and receiver to discuss what will be carried out during the session, and what the expectations should be, because both people should b comfortable with the massage and expectations.

4. Although the Tantric Massage usually ends up in an orgasm, it is not the essential goal of the massage, and many other factors already covered here are taking place.

The Tantric Massage is definitely growing in popularityand to understand the origins and a little more about the art and what is to be expected is certainly useful.

The whole body will relax and new sensations (impossible to describe with words) will flood every cell of your body followed by The Lingham (penis) Massage, which is perhaps the highlight of the Tantric Massage.

Unlike a ‘rub and tug’ massage, a Lingham massage is performed with a lot of honour for, and understanding of, your Lingham.  A variety of sensual and exciting strokes are delivered, and you will usually be brought in and out of orgasmic state several times.  This is known as ‘riding the wave’.  Eventually you will be brought to the point of orgasm and allowed to ejaculate, finishing off with perhaps the most amazing orgasm of your life.

It should be said, that an orgasm is not the goal of a Tantric Massage, but rather a bonus. However, it is rare for a man not to orgasm during the session. If however, you don’t orgasm that is ok too, because

the entire process is to expand the sexual energies from within you, which have beneficial health and emotional spin offs, together with general well being.

The Yoni Massage

The Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia which basically translated means “Sacred Space” or “Sacred Temple.”

The goal from the Yoni massage is not solely to accomplish orgasm, although this is usually an amazing bonus. As it is not the goal, you can relax, and not have to worry or be concerned about achieving any particular goal. If and when orgasm does occur it is usually far more intense, deeper and satisfying.

The whole experience is to be subtle, sensual and of ultimate pleasure. The tender massaging will be done over your entire body.  Sometimes feathers and silks are also used.

The Tantric Massage for Woman is unfolding in a identical way with the Tantric Massage for Man with the exception of the Yoni Massage.

The entire process is to bring you waves of delight which yields in deep healing, and extended states of bliss.


This erotic massage is truly amazing, and, the growing popularity of the Tantric Massage is quite understandable. It is a wondrous sensual massage, and I am sure that if you choose to have one, you will be glad you did and will feel the effects for days…