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Sydney, NSW,

“Women of Sydney – A Unique Tantra Workshop; are you ready to reveal your own inner Goddess?” August 16, 2015.

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“Women of Sydney – A Unique Tantra Workshop; are you ready to reveal your own inner Goddess?” August 16, 2015.

Bella Tantra

“A Women’s intimate Workshop on Sacred Sexuality & Self Love”

Feminine Sensuality & Divine Tantric Teachings with Taryn Harvey & Bella Tantra

‘A special day of divine bliss’

~Goddess collaboration~

10am – 4pm Sunday August 16th, 2015

Circular Quay Sydney

‘This is going to be an awesome, luxurious day of hands on learning with the guidance and expertise of tantric & relationship teachers who embody the art of self love & pleasuring know-how!’

Cost: $345

includes a Goddess Luxury Gift Bag

 “Did you know that we women hold the power?”

“How’s your connection with your own body – have a healthy self-esteem?”

“Are you aware that sexual energy is our life force?

“Find ways of better communicating your needs”

“Learn to connect with your sacred body

“Discover the benefits of embracing sexual energy for pleasure”



Taryn is one of Australia’s most experienced & highly regarded integrative sexologists (meaning she has worked, lived and breathed sex, intimacy, Tantra and relationships for nearly 20 years!) Since creating Tantra Sydney 6 years ago she now facilitates events nationally to support individuals in opening up more deeply to the call of their heart, soul + body.
Bella has been practicing Tantra for 10 years and working as a practitioner for 8, guiding men, women and couples into extended orgasmic states and assisting them to feel and create more sensual pleasure and connection in their lives.

Why should I come to this workshop?

Taryn has crafted this workshop specifically for women – having listened to women and practiced healing with women, she knows where the gaps in education and sexuality are, so will share knowledge about the female body (vagina, orgasm, energy, stress, hormones)She has also worked with many men over the past ten years, hearing about their fears and desires, so you will learn more about what it is that men are looking for in relationships with women.

During this intensive yet nurturing one day intensive, Taryn will be taking an experiential approach, so you will be shown how to move your body; how to breathe, stretch, feel and relate to the energies that are activated within your chakras (which will be explained).

What are the key outcomes that I can expect?

v  You will leave with a sense of empowerment as a lush & divine woman – your body will love you!

v  You will feel replenished and inspired to seek only those relationships that nourish you.

v  Your partner – or future partner – will adore your radiance and new techniques ready to put into practice.

v  You will have a better understanding of what intimacy is – and the difference between love & sex + desire!

As an Holistic Relationships Counsellor + Intimacy Coach she will also take you through…

  • What it means to be intimate; when to trust and honour our fears or resistance to change behaviours / beliefs
  • Relationship rituals & connection through spiritual & unconditional love.
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine principles for greater unity & respect of the individual role & purpose.


“I look forward to sharing this gorgeous women’s space with you!

Love Taryn”

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