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The V-Summit -FEB 22-FEB 29 2016

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The V-Summit -FEB 22-FEB 29 2016

Bella Tantra

The V-Summit is an online event that some people i know are involved in.  

Welcome to the first “The V Summit 1″ starting Monday February 22nd and running until  Monday the 29th 2016.

The V Summit 1 has  7 amazing speakers this go around and will feature one a day. The interviews are anywhere from  1/2 hour to an hour long depending on the topic.

The V Summit is a convenient way to experience incredible educators, authors, and experts explore the mysteries and intrigue of the Vagina and Vulva. You can see what speakers we have for this event below and you will be able to listen to the talks during the event, or later at your convenience.

You would think having them since the beginning of humankind would have made the Vulva and Vagina well charted territory by now however recently science found out there was more to the clitoris than what is seen.  It is way more complex than what you were taught or what you find in text books.

And there is more…new ways of exploring, old meets new ways of healing, different ways of expressing and I’ll keep on bringing you topics that give you the most provocative and needed information about our most precious organ.

I know you will love these casual  “fireside chats”  as much as I do. Make sure to let the Women AND Men in your life know all about The V Summit.

Register online here.  (this is not an affiliate link, i'm just sharing because sharing is caring.)