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Pleasuring Each Other Workshops for Men and Women MARCH 16&17 2019

Bella Tantra

Would you like to learn how to awaken a woman to her deepest pleasure? Or learn about your own arousal pathways?
Would you like to master the secrets of how to build full body orgasmic energy & have her coming back for more?
Walk away feeling more confident by taking the guess work out.

Join our Sex & Embodiment Educator, Tara Fischer and Tantric Facilitator, Alison Petrie welcome you for a day that is rich and deep, light-hearted and fun, filled with valuable information, experiential practices, embodiment practises and LIVE demonstration of tantric yoni massage.

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I did it! Ladies and Hens Events in Sydney!

Bella Tantra

Hip, hip, hurray! Let’s Celebrate! I’m so excited to be able to share this with you!

Finally, I have a comprehensive website dedicated to all of the great Ladies and Hens Events I offer. If you’ve been keeping up with me you know that I been facilitating deliciously naughty and educational Hens Parties and other ladies events. And, everyone’s loved them

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Can Tantra save my relationship?

Bella Tantra

by Taryn Harvey.  

"How do I get my sex life back? This Is a common question we Tantra teachers hear. As a global Tantric practitioner & teacher based in Sydney, I’m humbled when so many people bare their souls; conflicted as they express their desire for a meaningful sex life. However, whilst I have empathy, I'm really amazed by how few want to commit to change.

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The Pleasuring Series, Weekend Workshop for Men and Women with Tara

Bella Tantra

An invitation to a unique weekend event - 
Oct 28-29th @ Leela Community Center
A revised edition of the Pleasuring series this time for men and women learning together. A great opportunity to have an open conversation with one another. The sex education you didn't receive at school and wish you had!This will be the last event of this kind for this year.

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Bella Talks Tantric Massage. You Should Listen! (An Interview with AdultSmart)

Bella Tantra

I was interviewed by the website, adultsmart recently, it's a great website you should check out sometime! 

The Sydney Tantric Massage opening line perfectly describes what a tantric massage experience is:

“Your sexual energy is awoken and spread around your entire body, causing a full body response, new sensations, a new understanding of the potential for pleasure within you. A Tantric Massage honours you in your entirety.”

A Tantra Massage is explained as where a person is taken to a place of deep relaxation. The experience will encourage you to breathe deeply and become more mindfully aware of every touch you experience and it allows for your body to naturally sexually respond. With Tantra Massage you are not expected to climax but it can lead to a powerful full body orgasm. It is one of the ways for men to learn how to orgasm without ejaculation.

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Courting the Woman Within

Bella Tantra

By Nic Tovey.  I know it’s no great news to you that, when it comes to the world of gender and sexuality, today we’re charting very new territory. For a few decades now there’s been a lot of talk about men embracing their feminine side; becoming more emotionally intelligent, communicative and vulnerable, and women developing their masculine side; being more driven, focussed and independent. These have been massive shifts in our cultural evolution, but merely developing a set of qualities that we have previously neglected, while its great progress, is not enough to bring humanity into a place of unity, wholeness and mutuality, we can go much deeper.

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Self Cervix: An Online Community of Women Committed to a Journey of Pleasure and Awakening

Bella Tantra

Self:Cervix is a 21 Days online programme for women to explore and develop their relationship with their cervix. The Cervix is the only organ in the body that connects to three major nerves. The outer layer of the cervix is also innervated. The Cervix is meant to FEEL.  And yet for many women, it is numb and often painful.  During the 21 days women receive daily coaching videos as well as interviews with guest speakers to guide you on your way. You have access to a community of women who are also committed to this level of healing and awakening. Self:Cervix also honours each woman as a teacher unto herself.   Begins October 20, 2016, and will be repeated. 

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Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Workshop

Bella Tantra

Have you ever wanted to study Tantra but don't know where to start? Taryn is one of our STM Tantric Practitioners who has formulated an accredited in-depth Tantra training program she facilitates in collaboration with The Awareness Institute in Sydney. This year 2016 was a world first for participants to study and be accredited with a Diploma in Tantra & Sacred Sexuality.

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Join The Pleasure Revolution In Sydney October 8th for Men and Oct 9 th for Women !!!

Bella Tantra

Touch is one of the most potent tools of communication we have to reach and connect to our men. In this unique workshop, you will experience transformative new ways to lead & elevate your man.  Join Sex & Embodiment Educator, Tara Fischer for a day that is rich and deep, light-hearted and fun, filled with valuable information, experiential practices, discussions, videos and a LIVE demonstration. 

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What's With Yoni Steaming?

Bella Tantra

Yoni Steaming, or Vaginal Steaming is an ancient tradition from around the world.  Women have used yoni steaming for thousands of years to treat a number of conditions of the vagina and uterus, and also just for general nourishment of the vagina and reproductive organs.  Women use yoni steams to reduce period pain, to reduce the amount of blood flow each month, to improve fertility, as a treatment for vaginismus and endometriosis, and much more.   Even women who are post menopause have reported passing blood after doing a yoni steam, which shows how it can clean the womb of old blood which hasn't been fully released during our bleeding cycle.  Interesting, don't you think? 

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The V-Summit -FEB 22-FEB 29 2016

Bella Tantra

The V-Summit is an online event that some people i know are involved in.  It starts Monday February 22nd and runs until  Monday the 29th 2016.

The V Summit is a convenient way to experience incredible educators, authors, and experts explore the mysteries and intrigue of the Vagina and Vulva. You can see what speakers we have for this event below and you will be able to listen to the talks during the event, or later at your convenience.

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Rex Brangwyn: Building Erotic Intelligence - Podcast

Bella Tantra

This is a conversation between Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics) and Rex Brangwyn.

i thought it was wonderful, so I encourage anyone with an interest in deepening their sexual connection, male or female, to listen to it.  With their partner, if possible.   It speaks of the possibilities that occur when the masculine practices pure presence with the feminine.  This allows her to fully open her sexuality.  This is a very powerful thing, which not all men have yet experienced, so please, listen, and enjoy. 

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Pomegranate for Perfect Prostate Health!

Bella Tantra

Inspired by my recent research into that natural marvel, The Pomegranate Plant, I’ve got some information for the men too.  My last blog post about pomegranate focused exclusively on its benefits for women’s hormonal health.  Well.  It’s just as amazing for men’s health – duh.  Because we are all human beings – yay.

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“Women of Sydney – A Unique Tantra Workshop; are you ready to reveal your own inner Goddess?” August 16, 2015.

Bella Tantra

“A Women’s intimate Workshop on Sacred Sexuality & Self Love”

Feminine Sensuality & Divine Tantric Teachings with Taryn Harvey & Bella Tantra

‘A special day of divine bliss’

~Goddess collaboration~

10am – 4pm Sunday August 16th, 2015

Circular Quay Sydney

‘This is going to be an awesome, luxurious day of hands on learning with the guidance and expertise of tantric & relationship teachers who embody the art of self love & pleasuring know-how!’

Cost: $345

includes a Goddess Luxury Gift Bag

 “Did you know that we women hold the power?”

“How’s your connection with your own body – have a healthy self-esteem?”

“Are you aware that sexual energy is our life force?

“Find ways of better communicating your needs”

“Learn to connect with your sacred body

“Discover the benefits of embracing sexual energy for pleasure”



Taryn is one of Australia’s most experienced & highly regarded integrative sexologists (meaning she has worked, lived and breathed sex, intimacy, Tantra and relationships for nearly 20 years!) Since creating Tantra Sydney 6 years ago she now facilitates events nationally to support individuals in opening up more deeply to the call of their heart, soul + body.
Bella has been practicing Tantra for 10 years and working as a practitioner for 8, guiding men, women and couples into extended orgasmic states and assisting them to feel and create more sensual pleasure and connection in their lives.

Why should I come to this workshop?

Taryn has crafted this workshop specifically for women – having listened to women and practiced healing with women, she knows where the gaps in education and sexuality are, so will share knowledge about the female body (vagina, orgasm, energy, stress, hormones)She has also worked with many men over the past ten years, hearing about their fears and desires, so you will learn more about what it is that men are looking for in relationships with women.

During this intensive yet nurturing one day intensive, Taryn will be taking an experiential approach, so you will be shown how to move your body; how to breathe, stretch, feel and relate to the energies that are activated within your chakras (which will be explained).

What are the key outcomes that I can expect?

v  You will leave with a sense of empowerment as a lush & divine woman – your body will love you!

v  You will feel replenished and inspired to seek only those relationships that nourish you.

v  Your partner – or future partner – will adore your radiance and new techniques ready to put into practice.

v  You will have a better understanding of what intimacy is – and the difference between love & sex + desire!

As an Holistic Relationships Counsellor + Intimacy Coach she will also take you through…

  • What it means to be intimate; when to trust and honour our fears or resistance to change behaviours / beliefs
  • Relationship rituals & connection through spiritual & unconditional love.
  • Balancing the masculine & feminine principles for greater unity & respect of the individual role & purpose.


“I look forward to sharing this gorgeous women’s space with you!

Love Taryn”

For more info call 0426116042 or go to 

Laviras describes Tantric Massage

Bella Tantra

There are many mysteries surrounding Tantric Massages for those that don’t know the detail, and there is also a fair amount of misunderstanding to do with this ancient art. This article is to look at the background, find out where Tantric Massage originated and a description of the technique involved.

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